TSA – Homeland

Training exclusively designed for the Homeland mission. Our TSA and Homeland Security courses surpass the current curriculum, and give officers the skills necessary to make critical decisions when results are required



The TSA behavior skills course is specifically designed to give officers the skills needed to make more sound judgments for passenger safety.

Applied Behavior Research is a national leader in behavior skills instruction and program development. The TSA course provides critical skills, education and self-training methods to officers so that techniques become sharper over time, regardless of what behaviors are on SPOT reports.

Behavior Skills for the TSA Officer

​The behavior science module introduces advanced skills, nonverbal analysis, deception detection and recognizing stress-response behavior. These science-based skills carry into the field allowing officers to interpret behavior that would have gone unnoticed.

This course also introduces The Behavioral Table of Elements (BToE), the body language system designed for US Government operations.

The BToE is included electronically and in student handouts.

  • Behavior profiling
  • Stress behaviors
  • Deception detection
  • Tactical body language analysis