The Training Planner

The companion to the serious student of The Ellipsis Manual. Not only will you gain further insight into your training, you will have weekly assignments and tasks designed to take your skills to the next level

The Training Planner


The companion to the Ellipsis Manual is finally here.

  • 52 Weeks of precision exercises
  • Instant download
  • Designed to take your skills to a surgical level
  • Weekly guidance with tasks and special notes on behavior training
  • Step-by-step walkthrough of each skill and how to master it
  • One year of training packed into a lesson plan that will bring you to the level of mastery
  • More examples, more ideas, and more applicable skills 
  • Go from information to application and don’t look back.

Want to go pro with persuasion? This is the step-by-step lesson plan that covers a year of actual mastery-level behavior training. 

Get skilled in:

  • Behavior profiling
  • Compliance building
  • Lie detection
  • Real body language
  • Influence
  • Covert influence

UNLOCK the Ellipsis Manual with this instant download of the training planner.

Go from information top application and join the top 1% of persuasion experts in the world.

Everyone’s wearing a mask. I’d like to introduce you to the actors behind them all.

The strict no-refund policy applies to this as with all digital goods sold through Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories.

Have the Ellipsis Manual?

The Ellipsis Training Planner (download)

THIS is the training planner that goes along with it.

Hundreds of practical exercises and 52 weeks of skill development designed to take your persuasion skills to a SURGICAL level.