The Mastery Program


Join Chase in live, weekly training for an entire year.
Graduate with the skills that less than a hundred people on Earth possess.


Over the course of a year, I will personally walk you through mastery of every tactic and technique, including the ones designed for government only.

You’ll be able to see, practice, and demonstrate every single skill by the end of the year. I will personally coach you every step of the way ahead.

While most want to be the most dangerous person in the room, you will be.


My training was designed for the one-match-left scenario. When there’s only one chance to get it right, and you don’t have time to explain away failure.

The training will be live every week for the entire year. I will provide coaching and training in all of my skills and techniques. Each week, you will be able to connect with me, ask questions, get coaching, and hone your skills to a surgical level.

The Mastery Program also comes with all of the videos, course workbooks, and materials you need to get to a dangerous level.

You’ll be networked in with the most elite persuasion students in the world on a completely secure site, where you can develop your skills and work within the group to elevate your training.


The first bonus you will receive is automatic admission to all of my government only training courses – online OR in person. This includes the Black Tradecraft Course held in a cabin in the woods at a secret location. This course that you will get for FREE, costs 10,000.00. So you’ve already got 100% return-on-investment.


Along with BONUS 1, you will also get automatic admission to the AvikPro online resource library for government only. A subscription that costs 1,700 per month to access…FREE…for life. That’s only the beginning…


As you hone your skills in the Mastery Program, you’ll start to notice how different the world looks. The skills, once mastered, are the closest thing a person can have to a superpower.

The coursework is tough.

You will be doing assignments, and watching live demonstrations of me performing all of the techniques like:

  • Extreme confusion techniques
  • The behavior profiling techniques I’ve never shared before
  • Advanced conversational techniques that can literally get you arrested
  • Watch me demonstrate the ‘scary’ stuff in my book LIVE at the Black course
  • Every persuasion tactics I teach – customized to fit YOUR situation with a full script for every scenario you need
  • The really scary stuff at the end of the Ellipsis Manual – yes, that stuff
  • Impromptu techniques to hypnotize anyone – in any location
  • Every confidential piece of research I’ve ever produced
  • Every document I recovered from the vault at Colgate University
  • Techniques for mind control
  • Word-for-word scripts for influence and persuasion on a whole new level
  • Access to me for a year to make sure your techniques are sharp, surgical, and effective
  • Elite-level training in behavior profiling 
  • Charisma manufacturing – advanced skills for creating the ‘it factor’
  • Next-level influence and persuasion skills – CUSTOMIZED for you, and developed exclusively for you


The Mastery Course is unlike anything in the world. You’ll get amazing access and materials never before shared or seen:

  • Immediate access to coaching and counseling from me, not my instructors
  • The workbook I developed that I don’t share with anyone
  • All of the hidden files, videos, documents, and unreleased papers
  • Exact word-for-word scripts of every single technique
  • Fully customized scripts for every scenario YOU need them for – designed for you specifically
  • I will hold your hand through the entire process, coach you through every method, and ensure your skills are deadly
  • I won’t stop until you’re the most dangerous person in any room you enter
  • Lifetime access to training and materials that I create (even the Interrogation and Intelligence programs)
  • Bonuses worth ten times the amount of your investment
  • Weekly training on a personal level
  • Access to all of the recordings of all of my sessions with the Mastery Program Scholars
  • Automatic admission to all future online courses and trainings…FREE


You’ve already gotten a 10X return on your investment. Let’s make this a no-brainer decision that pays for itself.

Here’s what I’m going to do:
As a graduate of the Mastery Program, you will have lifetime coaching calls with me at 90% off. Forever (well, till I’m dead)


OK, it’s getting ridiculous, but hear me out.

As an added bonus, when you graduate the Mastery Program, I will personally invite you to my classified Advanced Gunfighting Course. If there is one thing I know WAY better than behavior, it’s gunfighting. The American Taxpayers spent a lot of money on my training, and I’d like to share that with you. I won’t only make you deadly with behavior skills, I’ll make you a physical weapon as well.

Monthly Membership to Mastery Program

Your monthly subscription gives you full access to all of the items mentioned above, and all of the bonuses after your graduation.
You can cancel anytime.

Monthly Option: $1,000.00 / Month (One Year)

Annual one-time Payment to Mastery Program

Annual Option: $10,000.00
​A $2,000.00 savings!

Save $2,000.00 by signing up for an annual pass to the Mastery Program


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The official start date is June 7th, but if you sign up now, you’ll be privy to the group pre-calls, and read-ahead materials to get you started!

The courses will be weekly on Sunday evenings for the entire year.


The course is online, and if you miss a class, you’ll have access to the videos in our custom online VIP area.


Members will be added to a private group hosted in our own domain and will have access to the entire group to share information and training updates.

I am excited to have you in the VIP program.

​I will personally call you to welcome you into the inner circle.

​Simply click one of the options above, and Sara will contact you with access to the secret training and materials!