Legal Teams

From jury selection to advanced cross-examination skills; our legal teams training is customized to meet the needs of the departments we work with to have a powerful effect on your outcomes. Behavior is a key element in your work. We have the missing link


Applied Behavior Research has vast experience in behavioral outcomes. Our specialized teams can deliver training to your firm on location and make drastic improvements in selection or juries, interviews, and behavioral outcomes in the courtroom. Our training is guaranteed to be the best in the nation, or we will refund the price of training.

Behavioral outcomes are shaped by thousands of subtle, unconscious perceptions. Let ABR show your firm how to exploit the thousands of otherwise unconscious stimuli to create the results you need for your clients.

In a single day, get the skills and techniques to keep your team ahead of the crowd, from the Nation’s best behavior team.


  • Rapid jury profiling methods specifically developed for voir dire
  • Enhanced jury behavioral questioning techniques
  • Covert motive elicitation questioning methods
  • Juror behavioral assessment methods​​


  • Advanced gestural compliance
  • Verbal and nonverbal agreement development strategies
  • Witness questioning tactics and techniques
  • Jury persuasion – tactics to drastically enhance compliance and agreement
  • Linguistics and persuasion during witness preparation and interview
  • Interview and questioning methods
  • Producing behavioral compliance through nonverbal communication
  • Advanced nonverbal training to read group and jury reactions in real time
  • Creating hidden mistrust in opposition statements through linguistics and nonverbal gestures


On-site consultation is available with our team, or Chase himself. Contact Sara to schedule a call to discuss your needs.
Contact us today to schedule a training for your firm. Not only is Applied Behavior Research the top provider of behavioral training in the U.S., we developed the curriculum using groundbreaking methods of research. Results count.

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