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The Process of Interrogation has been practiced for thousands of years. As we’ve evolved, and developed more effective ways to elicit confessions from criminals, we have ignored a major factor in the scenario – human behavior.

The conclusive studies show that nonverbal communication is 2/3 or more of communication, this, by default, means that it’s also 2/3 of interrogation as well. Previous interrogation training has only focused on roughly 30 percent of the interaction, and we continue to wonder why our confession rate isn’t where it should be.

Not only have we ignored the nonverbal behavior issue, which is hurting our justice system, we’ve ignored the fact that a simple method with several steps can’t be applied equally to all people.

Our officers are getting trained to apply the same principles to everyone, as if humans are replicas of each other.

People are different, and when you’re able to modify interrogation strategy based on the personality, fears, needs, insecurities and beliefs of the suspect, the whole dynamic changes.

It’s simple. Interrogation programs ask you to follow a formula that neglects and ignores more than 2/3 of the actual scenario. Science has evolved, so should our training.

We would never settle neglecting 2/3 of information in a crime lab, at home with our children, or anywhere else results are important. We would immediately find a system that addressed this critical gap; our results would improve almost immediately, and the system would work in ways we never imagined.

Our interrogation training system is like no other. We guarantee that your department and your teams will improve confession rates, reduce false confessions, establish greater clarity in interviews, and close cases faster.

With over 80% of convictions in the US relying on confessions and interrogation-derived evidence, imagine the impact when we no longer settle for a program covering 1/3 of the interaction.

​The Hughes Protocol for Interrogation © HPI is designed to fill the gaps, and create a powerful team of interrogation professionals who finally have the tools to get the job done right.



Our systems were designed to protect elite high-end users overseas, and it will provide the same powerful results here at home.

We discovered two major  facts about interrogations that led to the development of the HPI © system:

1. Lack of behavior skills are attributable to 80% of failures in interrogations
2. When we instill high-level behavior skills in our operators, results change accordingly.


Chase Hughes created the HPI© in 2014 in order to address major concerns with interrogations and interviews.
As results improved, we identified 15 critical (and missing) skills in interrogation training programs:

  1. Understanding nonverbal behavior (2/3 of communication)
  2. Understanding the psychology of behavior (2/3 of the scenario)
  3. Skills in reading people and scenarios
  4. Skills in identifying human needs and fears individually
  5. Skills to tailor your behavior to achieve better outcomes
  6. Enhanced communication abilities
  7. Advanced knowledge of persuasion and influence
  8. Skills to create suggestibility
  9. Understanding of obedience and authority
  10. Understanding how to communicate authority and composure
  11. Advanced skills in rapport development
  12. Advanced skills in obtaining final confessions
  13. Skills to prepare for the interrogation using behavioral information
  14. Deception detection skills
  15. Questioning methods


The HPI© system covers these in a comprehensive and interactive three-day course.
Other systems have missed these critical items, and results show it. HPI© can serve as its own method, or literally be ‘plugged in’ to your current department protocols to bridge critical gaps and improve results.

There is only one major reason that even senior interrogation personnel will ever fail to get a confession; human behavior.

We’ve fixed that issue.

– Chase Hughes


While there’s tremendous benefit to having a codified system of steps for interrogation, the advanced skills in people-reading, deception detection and compliance-engineering have been missing.

​The Hughes Protocol (HPI©) is 100% guaranteed to bring new skills that far exceed the capacity of previously taught methods.

​The advanced behavior training in the HPI system is cutting edge, and designed to produce drastically different results in the interrogation room.

Even seasoned interrogators make mistakes during interrogation, and the proprietary methods in the HPI system are designed to forcefully enhance the ability of even senior interrogators to perform their duties.  The reason that even senior interrogation personnel may not get a confession boils down to a single factor; human behavior. This course provides the most powerful and cutting edge information that can be used in conjunction with ANY current approved system being used by your agency.

  • Moving from 10 hours to a confession to 35 minutes
  • Generating trust without the old fashioned tactics
  • Using interrogator behavior to control the environment, and even suspect physiology
  • Identifying deception with much greater accuracy
  • Identifying suspect fear and insecurity before the interrogation
  • Asking questions to target suspect’s personal behaviors
  • Using enhanced methods of language, movement and sound to change mood and behavior
  • ‘Manufacturing’ compliance and honesty in less than 10 minutes
  • Skills to determine hidden motives, concealed intention and deceptive behaviors 
  • The codified system that triggers a ‘need to confess’ in guilty parties
  • The step-by-step formula to build connection and rapport
  • How to modify interrogator appearance and behavior based on the psychological profile of suspects
  • All new methods of verbal and written confession harvesting
  • The exact formula to develop an interrogation plan BEFORE it starts to ensure success.
  • How to gather information more effectively in conversation
  • The five ways to establish authority in the interrogation room, and the three times authority will KILL the interrogation


A major issue in any interrogation room; false confessions can have tremendous side effects. The Hughes Protocol gives personnel the skills to not only spot false confessions, but to use human behavior science to prevent them.


No fine print.

We have tremendous confidence in these methods, and took extreme measures to make sure they will provide YOUR desired outcomes when time, lives and justice are all on the line. We’ve been developing advanced methods for the most elite teams on the planet for over a decade, and our new interrogation course featuring the Hughes Protocol will provide your officers with what they need most – the ability to produce desired outcomes faster.


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This was a great class with valuable information. The techniques in this class can not only be utilized in law enforcement, but I can see value in various other areas. The information was presented well and the class instruction encourages participation. One of the BEST classes I have attended in my 20+-year career.

Investigator M. Eichhorn,
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Thank you so much for the course. Best course I have EVER attended. Will apply your techniques and master them.

Police Investigator W. Long,
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I highly recommend this class over all of the other interview and interrogation courses I have ever attended.

Police Investigator J. Scarborough,
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Good training - I learned a lot of new information that I have not found in any other courses. This training uses up-to-date research that reinforces the methods used.

Police Investigator T. Wallace,
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The class was very informative. Given the challenges law enforcement faces with crime patterns, mental health, and many other issues, this training is extremely beneficial.

Investigator P. Sahail,
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Chase Hughes took human behavior and psychology and created a framework for interview and interrogation unmatched to any system I have studied in 15 years of law enforcement.

Investigator B. Adams,
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I have worked investigations, Burglary Squad, Robbery, Homicide, and Domestic Violence. This course would have been helpful in all of my assignments. It is comprehensive and very adaptable. I wish I would have had the full advanced course.

Investigator M. DeNoon,
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I really enjoyed the class. I wish I had taken the full advanced course. I will take the information I learned and use it in my interviews.

Inv. E. Cammack,
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Applied Behavior Research did a fantastic job with interview and interrogations. They offered so much information that would be a benefit to Law Enforcement. Great Job!

Police Investigator D. Anderson,
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This course is excellent. I wish I would have attended the full advanced course so I could have learned more. I plan to attend any course in the future.

Police Investigator D. Treece,
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Very informative. Gave me a new approach to gather information.

Police Investigator G. Gilbert,
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I enjoyed this class. It was very informative. I have been to several interview classes in the past and this explained a lot of topics that we know work, but didn’t really understand why. I would highly recommend this course to anyone in Law Enforcement.

Sgt. T. Lucas,
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Excellent course with great exercises and videos. Material was provided and explained well. Great examples and class participation. Very receptive to questions and gave great feedback. Will help in getting a higher confession rate in my opinion.

Police Captain M. Izzo,
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This is something I never saw before. It opened a whole new world of interviewing suspects. Would like to have attended the full advanced course.

Police Investigator M. Monatague,
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The course was very informative. It was like drinking from a fire hose for the one-day class. Would love to take the full advanced course.

Police Investigator T. Shivers,
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Very good training. Would enjoy the full advanced class.

Police Investigator Williams,
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I wish I had this type of interview and interrogation class earlier in my career. By far a better tool.

Police Investigator B. Maciorski,
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Some of the best training I’ve ever had. I learned techniques I have never seen or heard of before. This should be mandatory for all Investigators in their department.

Police Investigator B. Gray,
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Chase was an awesome instructor. This was an excellent course. I wish I had taken the advanced course!

Police Investigator R. Fuller,