Hunstville Conference



Huntsville Police Department is hosting this annual training course designed for officers at all levels.

The week is broken into three separate courses:


When: April 20-22 (three-day course)

This course includes de-escalation, violent behavior prediction, and field interviewing. It is the most advanced interview and interrogation course, guaranteed to give your officers the extreme advantage in interactions:

  • Critical interrogation skills
  • Rapid confession techniques
  • Enhanced compliance-building
  • Reading human behavior
  • Detecting deception (advanced)
  • Advanced persuasion and influence
  • Human dynamics of interview
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Advanced de-escalation tactics
  • Creating trust and honesty quickly
  • Predicting violence and attacks
  • Performing field interviews
  • Modifying negative suspect behaviors
  • Building community trust


When: April 23 (one-day course)

Designed for patrol officers, this course delivers critical training designed to save lives, and rebuild community trust:

  • Influence and persuasion on patrol
  • Predicting violence and attacks
  • Preventing violence on officers
  • Advanced de-escalation tactics
  • Reading human behavior
  • Building enhanced compliance
  • Building community trust


When: April 24 (one-day course)

Designed with narcotics investigators, and other special field units in mind, this course breaks new ground for field interviews:

  • Getting compliance within 30 seconds
  • Creating trust and honesty quickly
  • Performing field interviews
  • Human behavior reading
  • Deception detection (advanced)
  • Generating immediate confessions
  • Modifying negative suspect behaviors

The Interrogation Course:

Most courses in interview and interrogation are good enough. We wouldn’t settle for that with our children, our lives, our crime labs, or even our firearms training. This interrogation course illustrates the critical gaps, and delivers non-stop applicable techniques to achieve faster, and more predictable outcomes.
You can learn all about the Interrogation course HERE.

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Patrol Officer’s Tactical Behavior Science Course:

Our Tactical Behavior Science© Course was built to be as critical as body armor to the Officer.
The course covers serious skills in reading human behavior, enabling the officer to know ahead of time, when an attack may be coming.

In serious situations that officers face daily, the ability to detect impending violence is absolutely critical, giving the officer time to de-escalate or react appropriately to unfolding situations.

We not only train the officers to recognize potential threats before they happen, we give them groundbreaking training in creating trust, compliance and calm when it TRULY counts. Read about this incredible course HERE.

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Field Interview Course:

The landscape of field work is changing dramatically.  We spoke to several hundred patrol officers and investigators, and found one major issue. Interrogation courses are mostly taught to reflect some clinical, and sterile environment, targeted toward compliant people who will behave a specific way.

This cannot continue. With this in mind, we developed this course to produce reliable results for officers and investigators conducting serious interviews in the field.

Not only does this course cover world-FIRST techniques to elicit information in the field, it gives officers tools to generate compliance, and create deeper levels of honesty, openness and connection with suspects and witnesses when time really counts.

This course is an adaptation of our world-class interrogation course you can read about HERE

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