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  • How an episode of 'The Bachelor' changed interrogations forever
  • How to ask TWO questions to determine guilt or innocence
  • How to train with the same techniques used by CIA profilers
  • Access to the Human Needs Map from Ellipsis to profile human fears and weakness
  • SEVEN unusual things you can do with your body to make someone want to listen to you
  • Spotting lies in professional liars and salesmen
  • 29 things you can do TODAY to start seeing the private thoughts of strangers
  • The Sherlock Holmes 'Cheat Sheet' of reading clothing and belongings
  • Using 'Corrugated Language' to cause body language responses automatically
  • The SECRET method to asking questions the right way
  • How to detect lies from co-workers

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The Ellipsis Manual

  • Everything we think is private is on public display.
  • ​The secret phrase invented by a CIA scientist to cause mental chaos and start amnesia
  • ​Think we have willpower? WRONG! Page 275 details exactly how to shut it off. PLUS…
  • How regular influence training can ruin your results in 10 seconds or less
  • The formula to create connection and trust in little to no time, even with enemies
  • The three phrases to cause INSTANT connection with anyone
  • How this surpasses years of conventional therapy training for mental health providers
  • Page 94: the one paragraph that gives you access to more info than 90% of all influence training
  • Exact methods to creating enhanced compliance
  • REVEALED: the formula used to create extreme behavior changes in minutes


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