Behavior Practitioner

The Behavior Practitioner course is now open to the public. ​Whether you're training a sales team, or you are a care-provider; learn to employ the most advanced influence methods with integrity

The Behavior Practitioner Course



For the first time in history, Chase is releasing his behavior skills mastery course to the public. Be one of the first in the world to earn a military-grade certificate in psychology and human influence.

​Get training in:

  • Behavior Profiling
  • Advanced Body Language
  • Advanced Needs and Insecurities Identification
  • Language Profiling
  • Conversational Influence
  • Extreme Compliance Enhancement
  • Mastery-Level Authority
  • Covert Persuasion Methods
  • Interrogation
  • Lie-Detection
  • Self-Mastery and Creating Enhanced Perceived Authority
  • Government Methods Not Released


The leading military and intelligence behavior expert with 20 years of creating the most advanced behavior skills courses and tactics available worldwide:

Chase Hughes is a leading behavior expert in the United States and the #1 bestselling author of two books on tactical behavior skills. He is the author of the worldwide #1 bestselling book on advanced persuasion, influence and behavior profiling.

Chase teaches elite groups, government agencies and police in behavior science skills including behavior profiling, nonverbal analysis, deception detection, interrogation, and advanced behavioral investigation. His Tactical Behavior Science course is a critical, life-saving course designed for law enforcement, and his Human Tradecraft course is specifically designed for intelligence operations personnel who depend heavily on serious human behavior skills.

Chase developed the groundbreaking, world-first interrogation behavior analysis tool and the T.F.C.A. cycle that revolutionized law enforcement training in the U.S. He is also the creator of the Pre-Violence Indicators Index, designed to alert personnel to pre-attack behaviors and save lives.


  • We offer three levels of certifications: Behavior Practitioner, Advanced Behavior Practitioner, and Master Behavior Practitioner.
  • ​You will be certified through Chase Hughes AND Applied Behavior Research with a full military-grade certification.
  • The class is the SAME class offered to advanced government operations personnel.
  • Lots of practical exercises and walkthroughs.
  • Word for word scripts of how to use advanced psychological tactics.


You will attend the most advanced behavior skills course ON THE PLANET, learning skills designed to produce real, actionable results.

Be the first in the world to receive ‘The Hughes Taxonomy of Human Obedience’, a map that details the entire process of extreme psychological influence and human obedience, whether for extreme operations or sales. It also reveals the detail of every aspect of the encounter; a quick reference for influence.


Whether it’s a contract negotiation, a job interview, or being able to understand your employees with tremendous depth, this course will not only give you the skills to see everyone in a whole new light, it will show you how to shape behavior, and the true secret behind the psychology of leadership and actual authority.

In a results driven world, we show you how to create outcomes at an unprecedented level.


In sales, you don’t deal in products or services, you deal in behavior and influence. This course will show you the most surgical-level persuasion skills on earth, guaranteed. Reading your customers when they are behind a mask is difficult, we will show you how to remove the mask on everyone you meet.

There’s actually no limit to persuasion. Learn how to turn all of this to your advantage.


Medical personnel have to manage difficult patients and emergent behavioral issues. Reading patients to determine fact from fiction can transform your knowing how to ask questions better, and influence patients to do what is right for them, making educating and persuading them to make lifestyle choices far less challenging.

Behavior matters. Take patient care to a whole new level.


We don’t like to think we are in the persuasion business, but we are. But the average therapy course dedicates less than 20 minutes to learning how to profile behavior and USE that information to create drastic behavioral changes in patients.

We will give you EVERY tool that was missing in college. From how to remove social masks and see deception, to creating extreme behavioral compliance with therapeutic benefit.


DAY 1: Behavior Profiling

  • Body language – from head to toe
  • Behavior interpretation
  • Profiling language and word usage
  • Profiling needs
  • Identifying fear and insecurity
  • Lie-detection
  • ​Violent Behavior Recognition

DAY 2: Influence and Persuasion

  • Confusion as a weapon
  • Advanced double-binding in conversation
  • Enhanced focus development
  • Activating – verbal calls to action
  • Using dissociation
  • Manufacturing suggestibility
  • ​Linguistics – advanced conversational training

DAY 3: Authority

  • Why authority matters more than persuasion
  • The factors that trigger obedience
  • Setting off ‘obey’ tripwires
  • The factors that create authority
  • The MACCI trigger routines
  • Developing the mastery ‘zones’
  • ​How to fully develop complete social authority



Books will be available for purchase at the event and Chase will sign as many as you'd like. Whether you want a book signed, or a selfie with Chase, you're good to go.
No. All of your materials are covered in your registration fee.
Due to the Corona Virus, as of March 2020, This is an ONLINE program and we have a limited amount of time to work with you. In order to get a refund, you must:
  1. Attend the entire program. If you are late, miss days or time in the program, you will not be entitled to the refund.
  2. Provide feedback as asked on each day of the event, and do the homework that is required.
  3. Communicate with Sara or the team in good faith about any dissatisfaction during the program. You must allow the staff sufficient time to address your concerns and for Chase to address the issue specifically. You must communicate your concerns prior to the third day of a 5-10 day program. If the program is only 3-4 days, you must communicate your concerns prior to the start of the 2nd day.
If you meet the 3 requirements listed above and still are not satisfied, ABR can offer additional compensation in the form of a credit towards other products and courses. ABR produces the most groundbreaking courses in the world, and we continually evolve to ensure we are the best in the world. We want to keep you as a customer for years to come, especially as we grow. In rare cases, we may elect to give you a partial or full cash refund. If this happens, you will no longer be admitted to any future event hosted by either Chase Hughes or any of his instructors, and will not be allowed to access bonus materials, take home the student documents or connect on the student network online. We strive to stay the leader in behavior technologies and tactics, and if we determine that no other course or compensation would suffice to satisfy you, we will issue a partial or full refund.
We will send out an email with recommendations on lodging.
The event is casual. Expect most of the people at the event to be in 'business casual' attire.
We don't share your information. Your event ticket may be visible to others, but it is up to you to keep that private. Coming to the training does imply a consent to video and photography, and you agree to the release of such products unless you otherwise notify Applied Behavior Research before the event begins.
Your certificate will be issued and signed by Chase Hughes, and you can add it to your Resume, post it on LinkedIn, and share it with anyone you'd like. See the levels of certification HERE
Aside from the topics covered above, you'll get practical, applicable skills in human behavior and communication. Not only will you be able to see many of these techniques in real time, you'll have access to our team, who will help you to analyze and interpret your results and make adjustments as necessary. The skills we teach are designed to produce serious results in any environment. Whether you're in sales or work from home, influence and persuasion can have a serious impact on the results you bring into your life. As you develop these skills and use the resources you will take home from the event, you'll be able to see growth in several areas of your life. The topics in the course not only teach you how to create change in others, they create a massive opportunity for personal growth and development. The self assessments and exercises in the class will help you identify critical growth opportunities in your own behavior.